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Post  Xtacy on Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:49 pm

Hello all i am currently selling my character on this server this is that i wil sell

-Lvl 204 Ms (ml 94)
-Big house in venore
-12 million gps
-3 demon armors
-demon legs
-2 golden legs
-druid paw addon
-2 demon helmet
-batwing hat
-2 soft boots
-2 rainbow shields
-6 skullcracker armor
-10 nightmare blade
-Lvl 152 knight
-111/111 skills
-ml 9
-heavy mace
-2 sca
-2 sov
-titan axe

Im selling for rl cash (pay pal) or rl cash on any tibia server. You place your offers here


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